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I've been toying with the idea of a podcast for a while now, but couldn't think of a format. Then it hit me: I talk way too much, but I don't listen enough. I don't try to learn. I think too often about what I'm going to say next, instead of concentrating on what other people are saying. 
Likewise, I've come to feel that too many people want to convince others or change their minds about a topic, but very few simply want to teach. 
So, I'm producing a guest phone-in, prerecorded podcast where you teach me. Teach me about something you're interested in or care about, and we'll talk about it. I may not agree, and we may discuss that. But rather than argue, my intention is to learn about what matters to you, whether it's political, religious, philosophical, or about your favorite movie or video game, cooking, card-tricks, cars, child-rearing tips... whatever. I want to see the world the way you do. 
I know that many of you all have great ideas, views, and passions for your interests. So if you like the idea of sharing and discussing them over the digital air, send me an email at
     , and we'll get started.

004: Writing - 8/17/2021

Fellow author Brian Hartman discusses writing, editing, literary influences, and reads an excerpt from one of his short stories. (Warning: explicit language.)
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001: Adoption - 07/09/2021

Vivian Miller (nom de guerre) tells us her experiences and views as an adoptee, along with her advice and insights for parents.

002: Therapy - 07/15/2021

Therapist Connie Merriman talks with us about depression, trauma, and addiction, along with some techniques to help overcome anxiety and panic.

003: Anthony J. LaRocca Sr. - 7/25/2021

My father, at the age of 89, tells stories from LaRocca family history spanning three generations - from his grandfather’s emigration from Sicily to America to his own trials in the Korean War, and culminating with his meeting my mother. A must hear!