Shattered Possibilities Contest 

The short story “Shattered Possibilities” (which can be found in False Idols and Other Short Stories) is based on a specific pop-culture phenomenon. I’m willing to bet that any person reading this has encountered it at some point in their lives. 
If anyone can figure out what it is, I will treat that (one, first) person to lunch at Katz Deli in New York City. Your mouth will love you for the rest of your life.
Rules (AKA semi-legalistic brouhaha): 
1. This prize does not include any transportation whatsoever. 
2. If transportation is unavailable, one autographed paperback from any of my titles of the winner's choosing may be substituted. 
3. The lunch will take place on a Saturday or Sunday at a date and time agreed to by both myself and the winner. 
4. There is no limit on the number of guesses.

5. This contest may be cancelled at any time, for any reason, without obligation.